Sleeping Like a Baby…Really??

This title made me laugh because when I say it, I like to use the tone that Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers would use on Saturday Night Live during Weekend Update. (SNL fans, I hope you can relate)  I mean who came up with the “sleeping/slept like a baby” slogan.  Did they experience the adventures of baby sleeping.   I am only 3 months in, and it’s been a complete roller coaster.

Our adventures in sleeping began with our little Sadie sleeping in our room for the first month.  During the first three weeks, she woke up about every 3 hours to eat with the littlest of cries.  But then, around week 3, she started making all kinds of horrendous noises…grunting, crying out, coughing, snoring.  Noises that would make Michael and I jump out of bed because we thought she was choking.   As I would shine my phone I used as my flashlight on her face, there was little sleeping beauty just sleeping away.  This lasted a few days when I sadly pushed our little nugget in her rock n play into her own room.  I felt awful, but we were getting absolutely no sleep with the “grunting grizzly bear” that was sleeping next to us.

Something magical happened about two weeks later and Sadie started sleeping from about 7:30-7am and only waking up once (between 3-4am) to eat.  This bliss lasted about a month.  I was afraid to share this with anyone with fear that I would jinx it.  And this is the same time I became addicted to the video monitor.  How many of you can relate to this sight?


I stare at that thing and think all kinds of thoughts:

Yes, I think she’s sleeping. Oh my god, did she just move?  Yep, that was    definitely her leg moving.  Please just sleep another hour.  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Maybe if I just run and put the pacifier in now she’ll fall right back to sleep.

And the list could go on and on. Right around 10 weeks, we hit a sleep regression.  She started waking 3/4 times a night.  Seriously?!?  I tried to research and “fix” the problem.  She was breaking out of her swaddle, so I bought the halo swaddleme sleepsack which proved to be a lifesaver.  I used to feel bad wrapping her arms, but now, you can find me redoing the wrap a few times before bed to make sure she is nice and snug.  I swear she looks at me sometimes and thinks, “Really, mom, I’m going to break out of this as soon as you leave the room.”  I also use her mamaroo to play white noise all night long because the Cloud B Sleep Sheep was just not working for us.  The noise level was too low, and it did not have the option of playing continuously.  This has seemed to help, and we are now at two wake ups…2 and 5.

We still hear her throughout the night cry out for a few seconds, but then she will fall right back to sleep.  She also grunts a lot when trying to get her hands free, which makes me realize that she is going to have to learn to not be such a spaz with her hands and fall asleep with them free 🙂

I know we have a long road ahead of us with sleeping, but we’ll get there.   I don’t want to wish these days by, but I secretly cannot wait for the day when she’s not “sleeping like a baby.”


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