Overcoming the Daily Mom Look

Never in a million years did I or will I just let myself go and tread in the “mom look” waters.  However, there have been a few days where I have dipped my toes in the water and today when I looked in the mirror…I felt like I dove right in!  I looked in the mirror and yikes!  I looked like the 13 year-old babysitter…no make up, messy ponytail, yoga pants, and an oversized sweatshirt.

I remembered the first time I feared that I became “that mom.”.  I had been in my pjs all day and Sadie was just being a little extra fussy.  I just finished making dinner when Michael smiled at me and said, “Are you save those noodles in your hair for later?”  Ugg, that’s when I frantically said, “Nooo, I have become that mom!”

I have always been one to brush on a little make up even if I’m not going anywhere.  To be honest, it just makes me feel a little better.  However, these days, I found myself skipping my 5-minute face and sporting the same daily wear…pjs, then workout gear, then back to pjs.   I keep saying how I need more cute loungewear for days when we are stuck inside the house.  What do I exactly mean by that…well, I’m not totally sure.  But I envision myself doting around the house and running errands in  clothes that are fitting, cute, and comfortable.  I try to make my workout clothes appropriate daywear,  but those don’t always work when you are all sweaty and gross.  I do have to say that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line does interest me, so something along those lines.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙂

I sometimes think that if we were still living in San Diego the noodle hair mishap would’ve never happened.  I am no fashionista, but I do love clothes!  I love dressing up and trying different styles.  The longer we lived in San Diego, the more my style changed.  At one point, I wanted a jump suit really badly.  A jumpsuit you say?!?  YES!  I would have sported that jumpsuit with heels, big hair, and never looked back.   If I sported that now where I live, I cringe at the thought of the looks and gasps I would receive.

Then, I realized I am just making excuses.  It’s not because of where I live or that I am a mama now.  Yes, I spend my days giving her my undivided attention and sometimes she is dressed way cuter than me, but that is no reason throw style out the window.  By no means, will you find me on a random Tuesday morning all glamed up, but you will find one put together 30 year old with the most adorable accessory on her hip 😉




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