Weekend Highlights

Good morning!  Hope this Monday is treating you well.  Even though I stay at home with Sadie, a part of me always has that “back to the grind” feeling on Sunday evenings.  Is that normal??  I think part of it is because Michael and I are such good tag-team partners when it comes to taking care of Sadie, and I just love the time we get to spend together on weekends.  This weekend was another Christmas themed one.  Here are some highlights from the weekend!

Visiting Santa for the first time!

On Saturday evening, we took Sadie to go see Santa.  Our town had their annual “Christmas in the Village” celebration.  There’s a Santa parade, hay rides, kid crafts, ice sculptures, and much more.  Sadie was such a good girl 🙂  She did not make one peep and just took in everything around her.  We were also so excited to put her in her elf outfit again…whether she likes her outfit as much as we do is to be determined.

image image

Sunday Hike

It was a pretty rainy, cloudy week, so it was nice to see the sun on Sunday!  Michael and I decided that we would get bundled up and enjoy some of the day outside by going on a hike.  There’s a one-mile trail at a park by us that we have not been to yet.  It was nice to get out and enjoy the day.  Look at those two cuties!


Christmas Cookie Baking!  

This is the first year we decided to actually bake some Christmas cookies.  We’ve done a batch or two in the past, but I wanted to experiment with some different types of cookies this year.  To be honest, I just save the cookie baking for my mom.  She is the the cooking baking queen.  Whenever there is a wedding, party, and/or gathering, everyone asks her to make some cookies.  Her cookie trays are just out of this world, and she absolutely loves every minute of it!  I also have to give credit to my cookie inspiration to Courtney of Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  After seeing her posts about baking cookies, it was a go for me.   Here is what’s on the list for us so far:

Bourbon maple bacon cookies

Pistachio and cranberry cookies

Chocolate Espresso cookies

Gingerbread cut-out cookies

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Weekend Highlights

  1. I just want to make sure you are not stealing credit for my cookies. And they are officially bourbon maple bacon pecan chocolate chip cookies. And they are whole wheat.


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