Weekend of Visitors

This weekend was full of sunshine and visitors! For being the middle of January, I cannot complain about the weather we have been having. When it reaches 45 degrees and the sun’s out, I think it’s a heat wave and contemplate if I even have to wear a jacket…oh man, it’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts to the cold weather. Well, back to the weekend highlights!

On Saturday morning, I anxiously awaited the arrival of my dear friend, Beth. Beth and I met in San Diego. We were both hired at the same time to teach first grade. Beth grew up in Indiana and understood the difficulties of adjusting to living on the west coast, thousands of miles away from family and friends. Fast forward five years later, and we are both living in the Mid-west, only 3 hours away from each other. It’s crazy how life unfolds and leads us down unexpected paths. If you would have told us five years ago during our third/fourth glass of wine at our favorite happy hour spot overlooking the San Diego Bay where we would be today, we would have probably laughed. But knowing us, and how important it is to be close to our families, it is not all that surprising.

Okay, let’s detour off memory lane and get back to the weekend. Shortly after Beth arrived, we went straight to the North Market to get some lunch and grab a drink. I love this place, especially in the summer.  It’s an indoor public market filled with a variety of merchants offering a variety of local, fresh, and authentic foods.  On Saturdays, during the warmer months, farmers are set up outside, adding to my love of this place.  I ended up getting a delicious sandwich from Katzinger’s Delicatessen, something quite different than my usual dish from the Vietnamese restaurant.  After lunch, we headed to Seventh Son Brewery for some beer tasting.  Michael and I love this place and like to take visitors there.  To be honest, it’s not in the most idea spot, but I love their set up.  They always have a food truck, which is another bonus.

image image

Sadie was such a trooper!  She did so well, considering she missed a nap, which can turn ugly real fast. (Moms, you know what I mean!)  But, Michael is convinced she loves breweries 😉  This was her 5th brewery and she happens to be 5 months.  In reality,  the girl just loves people watching; she totally gets this from her parents.

The rest of Beth’s visit involved catching up on lots of girl talk, playing with Sadie, watching movies, and just hanging out.  It was lovely, and it makes me appreciate having such great friends.

Beth left Sunday afternoon and my parents arrived just a short time later.  They were dying to see Sadie.  My parents live about 2 and 1/2 hours aways.  They would come out all the time if they could, but during the week, they watch my niece.  During the week is when I would love them to come visit too.  Michael just started his MBA this month with classes in the evening, so the extra help on those days would be amazing.   My sister is so lucky to have them as babysitters.  I keep telling her that she owes them big time; they just love it though.

I know my mom gets nervous being away from Sadie and is afraid that she want recognize them.  I kept telling Sadie that she had to give them big smiles when they got here and boy, did that girl deliver.  She “turned on the cute” big time!  My mom and dad were again smitten with their 5th grandchild.  There is something about seeing your parents with their grandchildren that is just so incredibly full-filling and heart-warming, especially my dad with his granddaughters.  We had such a great visit and while it was a short one, they will be back with the rest of my family in two weeks for Sadie’s baptism!  Once again, I failed in the taking pictures department, but I swear I’m going to get better 🙂  However I did capture these sweet pictures of Sadie yesterday…she is 5 months old!

image image


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