Adventures in Homemade Baby Food

When Sadie got the okay to start solids, I was on board with making my own baby food, not everything but most of it. I thought, “How hard could it be, right?!?” Also, I felt this sense of guilt if I did not because I am a stay at home mom. Let’s be honest, we all know those people who ask you, “What do you do all day?” And add this one to the list, “Surely, you have time to make your own baby food.

After researching a little about making baby food, I realized that to make this process easy on myself, I needed a good blender/food processor/baby food maker and a good set of silicone ice cube trays. We have a Vitamix, so I felt pretty confident in the blending department. For the ice cube trays, I ordered a set of two Green Sprouts Silicone Freezer Trays  from Amazon.  I love these trays so far.  They make perfect one-ounce portions.

Green Beans were the hardest to get to a fine consistency. We'll see how Sadie enjoys them.
Green Beans were the hardest to get to a fine consistency. We’ll see how Sadie enjoys them.

I started with sweet potatoes and then moved on to carrots, green beans, and peas.  I have to say all of those went fairly well.  Of course the first time I attempted the sweet potatoes took me the longest.  It went something like this,  wash, peel, entertain Sadie, cut, steam, feed Sadie, drain, puree potatoes, sing louder to Sadie to try to distract her, pour puree into cube trays, put Sadie down for a nap, cover the trays with saran wrap and place in freezer.   I have to say that I have gotten a little more efficient in the whole process.

Everything has been fresh so far with the exception of the peas and green beans. I bought these two veggies frozen.  I had to put my foot down to scraping peas out of their pods and if you do this, God bless you!  I do need to work on my fruit stash.  After making a batch of the apples, I have to admit, I lost some of my steam.  I peeled, cored, diced, and steamed what I felt like was a barrel of apples and all I got from it was one tray.  After that episode, I took a little break, but I’m ready to get back at it!

After the purees freeze, I simply pop them out and place them in a ziploc bag.  I kept reading about how difficult it was for some to get the food out of ice cube trays, which is why I purchased the silicone ones, which have worked out great.  A little muscle and twisting and those babies come right out.  I label each bag with the food and the date I prepared it and place it in our freezer downstairs.

The beginnings of my baby food stash!
The beginnings of my baby food stash!

I know this process will be a bit of trial and error  but I feel like I can safely add baby food cuisine to my chef cooking abilities!  I just hope Sadie enjoys it 🙂

Enjoying the "fruits" of my labor...mmm....apples.
Enjoying the “fruits” of my labor…mmm….apples.

Do/Did you prepare your own baby food?  Any tips that you recommend to make the process easier?


One thought on “Adventures in Homemade Baby Food

  1. The one time I made peas fresh was a nightmare and I vowed to never do it again! Those silicone trays were my life saver, and I made Sunday “food making day” which helped a ton. For time sake, sometimes I’d steam in the microwave, and carrots and parsnips were my favorite. Oh, and zucchini doesn’t defrost well!


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