The Trouble with Sleeping

Well, I’m no expert, but I am pretty sure we are in the midst of a sleep regression, teething, and/or the beginnings of separation anxiety, and it’s a doozy!  Sadie sprouted her first tooth last week at 6 1/2 months old.  I feel like she had been showing signs of teething for about 6 weeks before then…drooling, fussy, interrupted sleep,  congestion, and occasional rashes around her mouth.  While some days were worse than others, she wasn’t too terrible.  I did go through all the natural remedies before resorting to Tylenol/Motrin, and I only give this when I know she’s in pain.   She wanted nothing to do with teething rings, rags, frozen fruit mesh bags, etc.    She would look up at me like “And, what do you want me to do this?”  I’ll try them again the next bout with teething, which I hear seems like a never-ending battle until they are about 2 years old.  While teething did cause some restless nights, I would say there were only a handful of times where she woke up every few hours but could go back down pretty quickly.

Sadie has never been a rockstar sleeper, but I consider ourselves to be pretty blessed with the sleep we did have.  She was finally taking 1-2 hour naps after months of 3o minute catnaps.  She has never put up a fight to go to sleep either.  We simply read her a bedtime story, or if Sadie is lucky, Michael will tell her a story, which is always entertaining, cue the sound machine and nightlight, and she was off to dreamland.  Occasionally, we have to go back to comfort her or put in her pacifier but not too often.  She usually woke up 1-2 times but just needed a little comforting and went back to sleep. She is still taking a few ounces around 5am and then will sleep anywhere until 7-8am.

However,  enter three nights ago, and the game has changed.  Michael and I put her to bed like usual and left the room and seconds later…”WAAAAA!!!”  I’m talking screaming, hyperventilating, kicking feet, you name it crying.  Since this was new, I immediately got concerned and lasted only a few minutes before going back in.  I went back in one more time, and it took her about 30-40 minutes before she finally fell asleep.  At this time, I thought it was teething even though she hasn’t screamed like that before.

The next day I feared naps, but to my surprise, she went down just fine and even slept close to two hours for her first nap.  Well, I spent much of the day googling answers (who doesn’t??)to this new found crying at bedtime, and that’s when I thought it must be separation anxiety.  I figured our little sweetie now realizes that nighttime means she won’t get to play for a real long time and she’ll miss her mom and dad 😦  That night the same thing happened at bedtime, so I waited a little bit longer to go in and comfort her, and she eventually fell asleep .   She did wake up a bizillion times!  I mean…it was every hour for awhile.  Sometimes she would settle herself back to sleep on her own and sometimes she needed a little help from mama.  It also amazes me that when I ask Michael the next day if he heard her all those times, he said he only her a couple of times.  Really?? A couple times…he had to hear my exaggerated sigh and flip of the comforter more than a couple times.   I shouldn’t be surprised because the kid is the world’s best sleeper.   Hopefully, Sadie eventually takes after her dad in this department.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…since becoming an expert on rolling over from her back to her stomach, the poor little girl is in a constant battle of trying to sleep on her belly but it not working out too well.  When we put her down, she immediately flips over.  Sometimes, she is just rocking back and forth…attempting to crawl, which is funny to watch on the monitor.  Other times, she is just trying to figure out if she really wants to fall asleep on her belly or not.   And if she does, she usually wakes up not too much longer crying because she’s not sure she likes it.  Oi vey!   To google’s knowledge, this could be interrupting her sleep too.

So, as of now, I’m at a bit at a loss.  Of course I just want to fix it like any mom would.  Each day, I think I am going to crack the secret code to sleeping/teething…overall just being a first time mom (ha!)  Another glass of wine is in order and any advice is greatly appreciated.



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