Sunshine and Some Inspiration

While it’s taking it’s sweet ole time and being difficult on some days, spring has arrived.  Yesterday and today were picture perfect when you think of what spring days should be.  Sadie and I took a trip to the playground, in hopes of meeting some other baby friends.  Well, turns out they were all a bit older than her so we struck out.  Don’t worry, there will be many more baby trips to the playground in the future.  Who wouldn’t want this little mouse as a friend?!?


Sadie and I spent the majority of today enjoying the sunshine.  While she played, I was brainstorming some more ideas for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I started making products for TPT about a year ago.  I was subbing, summer break was coming soon, and I was 7 months pregnant…I needed to be productive.  I first started off by simply editing some of my previous lessons/activities and posting them but soon found out that I needed cutesy clipart and fancy font and fast if I wanted any part of this game.  When you are full-time teaching, who really has time for that?!?  Well, they are out there, everyone knows those teachers 🙂 And to them I say, “Congratulations, you did it, you are a super teacher!”

I tried to make all of the work for my kiddos cute, but to be honest, it didn’t happen all the time. Sooo, when I went to upload some of my work, I realized that it would be easier to create new items than going back and revamping all of my previous files.  I really enjoy the whole process…there’s just this nerd in me that likes creating curriculum pieces, especially for the primary grades.  And when you have the time and are not trying to whip up something at 7am or your lunch break, it’s even better.  I created an item per week for a while, but took a 7 month leave. Oops!  But, I am ready to get back into the swing of things.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to what I decide to make besides going back and thinking of items that I used or would’ve like to use while teaching.  Hopefully, this motivation will stay and you will see some new items soon!  In the meantime, I’ll be soaking up the sun with my sweetie.



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